Eski White City Swegway Swegboard balance board hoverboard self balancing scooter by Hype Boards

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Eski white swegway hoverboard self balancing scooter.

Swegway balance boards/hoverboards - The ultimate portable travel system curtesy of Hype Boards™. The swegway will take you where you need to go without hassle, crowds or walking. And you will hoverboard in style using the latest in hoverboard tech designed by us to the highest specifications in the self balancing scooter market. A whole host of celebs are rocking their very own Hype Board™. And you know why? Because they are the coolest way to travel that has ever been invented. Its time you joined them! Click order now. From Breezy to Beiber, from JME to Wiley, the swegway is blowing up all over the world and Hype Boards™ have taken swegway design to the ultimate level of style, function and comfort. This is our best-seller. Put simply, you need one. With the highest design quality, faster speeds for our hoverboards and a brand built to last, we are the best in the world for swegboards and balance boards. Join 1000's of people right now and order yours.

Ladies and gentleman the ultimate swegboard urban travel system is here and you simply need a swegway board in your life now.
Eski White is one of the coolest colours we sell, and one of our bestselling Swegboard balance boards of all time.

See life the way it should be seen, on a legendary Hype Board™, delivered straight to your door. Buy yours now and step into the future with Hype Boards™ the world's largest and most trusted swegway brand.
Ideal for: Drifting through airports, racing your mates or to spice up your daily commute!

- Stylish eye-catching design
- Mind-blowing lighting system
- Slick city friendly wheels
- Sturdy non-slip platform
- 100% bragging rights
High end Sony battery – do not settle for cheaper alternatives, Hype Boards™ are the industry’s most trusted swegboard seller and guarantees a long lasting charge.

Speed: Up to 16mph
Battery life: 1 charge can last up to 20km travelling time
Charge time: Only 90mins and your good to go
Maximum weight: 100kg